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Where to start with game development?

Game development may come in many flavours. An experienced programmer will be comfortable coding the game from scratch using some language or environment while someone less acquainted with such technologies will prefer to use one of the many existing graphical game editors.

However, let’s face it, even on the most user friendly graphical game editors, it is only natural that some programming concepts will be present. For instance, do you have an idea of the logic for unlocking a door or object after a user talked to some character? In this case you would probably be using a flag. What is a flag? or a variable? Hence, having some programming basics can only improve your game development process.

To learn some programming essentials there are two ways: the hard road, by taking a course or going through a book on the subject, or the more adventurous way, by looking at tutorials and code recipes and continuously look for more information to fill the gaps. In this article I’ll try to point out some available resources that will hopefully help you expand your skills on the less formal manner. After going through a few of them you should be able to explain anyone what a game loop is!


If you don’t know what a variable or a function are, you should start here:

If you already know what a variable, a boolean and a function are, let’s concentrate on game programming introductions:

Are you already feeling confident enough to build your first mobile game? Try starting here:

Where did you start with programming? Do you know of any other interesting resources I might have missed?


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