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Presentation of serious games and observations

On Sunday, 06/09/2013, Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia held an award ceremony called ZOTKA's talents for students in primary and secondary schools who competed in science competitions on national level.


Along with the event we presented our educational games portal under which we collect educational games designed by students from University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education. Games were created as a project assignment in course Multimedia learning materials or as a result of diploma thesis. The goal was to introduce new methods for learning, showing students how learning can be presented as fun and engaging even though it is based on school curriculum. Despite the fact that students found all of presented games interesting and fun to play, the game »Niko and social networks« drew the most attention. The goal of the game is to organize birthday party and invite all Niko's friends. His success is based on a number of friends that will accept the invitation. Their decision in based on player's action on social networks (choosing safe password, publishing appropriate pictures…). While player is focused on acquiring friends for his birthday party he is also learning how to act responsibly on social networks as the course content is cleverly hidden in the game scenario. Student can progress in game only if she understands the concepts we want to teach.


It was interesting to observe how children were motivated to repeatedly re-playing the game if the objective was not fully met. Their reactions proved us again how games can induce state of flow and thus contribute to enhanced learning and high motivation.


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