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AraBoard is a set of tools designed for augmentative and alternative communication, which aims to facilitate functional communication to persons with any type of difficulty in this area, through the use of pictures and pictograms. AraBoard lets you create, edit and use communication boards for different devices (computer, smartphone or tablet), and for various operating systems (available for Windows and Android).

AraBoard is characterized by its ease of use in all aspects as it has a graphical interface designed for anyone to create and edit boards intuitively and in a few minutes.
AraBoard can create panels with from one to thirty-two boxes, using different combinations: 1 row and 2 columns, 2 rows x 2 columns 3 rows x 4 columns, ..., 4 rows x 8 columns. This feature also makes the tool a possible alternative for people with mobility disabilities and very basic communication needs.

Although AraBoard has been initially developed for improving communication, it can also be used to create boards describing simple routines and boards that anticipate conducting any scheduled task. Moreover, people have become to generate simple games with it!
One of the key features of AraBoard is direct communication via the Internet, using an API developed for this purpose, with the server Aragonese Portal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication ARASAAC. This communication allows any pictogram search the content database and instant download together with the corresponding locution.

AraBoard has been developed in its technical issues by the GIGA AffectiveLab. For more information:


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