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Where to find 3D models?

Where to find 3D models?

Code programming, script development, scenario and sound design can all make game development seem a daunting task. 3d modelling and rigging are on top of these activities as the most time consuming. 

Unless you are working on a “Triple-A” game and have dedicated people working on each of these processes, you’re likely to benefit from reusing assets. This will enable you to concentrate on what matters most in your project without compromising the overall product.   

In this round-up I’ll try to list some sources you can use to search for free 3d assets for your game. When using freely distributed assets remember to check their license.

  • http://www.3dsmodels.com/ - A huge collection of models for a select number of categories: “HighTech”, “Industry”, “Transport”, “Workshop”, “Fitness”, “Accessory”, etc. Mostly 3ds Max models. 


Other sources also have paid-for contents which often come out as a bargain considering the work and quality involved. 

Leave us a comment if you find any more interesting sources!


  • Good post !

    I found a large database of 3D models here http://free3dbase.com/

  • free3dbase.com

  • Thank you vizb, that looks indeed as another valuable resource for interior/product models!

  • Hi, I would like to recommend a 3D model search engine: Yobi3D. You can search with simple keywords and see the results in 3D.


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