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Where to find free game music and sound effects?

Audio plays a big role on video games enhancing, for instance, immersion or giving user feedback. To have an idea of the many functions game audio can incorporate, one could consult this overview from Karen Collins.

In addition to speech sequences, it is common to have background music (which generally will loop in some way and won’t have lyrics) and sound effects on specific events (like jumping, getting a coin or knocking out an enemy). When needed, the former will have to be recorded for each game but, fortunately, background music and sound effects are very prone to being reused from other projects.



Below I’ll list a number of sources where you’ll be able to dig for audio for your game. Remember to check the license before using any asset: most of them are allowed to be used on private, educational or non-profit projects but some might not be allowed for commercial uses (in this cases you might want to try contacting the author).


Sound Effects

Sound Effect Tools

  • Bxfr - This is a free online sound effect synthetizer with a wide range of options to explore.


Another option to consider is adding some detail to existing ambient sounds by overlaying sound effects or other musics. For this you might use Audacity, a simple, free and open source, multiplatform audio editor.

Do you have any tips when it comes to gathering audio for game development?


  • Nice article!

    I usually go to http://www.earmonium.com for my audio needs. Earmonium provides an impressive library of royalty-free sound effects and music specific for game developers.



  • Thanks for the pointers, guys

  • Sorry for the shameless plug, but I've just posted over 200 original retro styled game sound effects that are great for retro styled projects. They're all in uncompressed 24-bit wav + HTML5 ready ogg and m4a. They're free to use, even in commercial projects.

    You can download them here: http://www.themotionmonkey.co.uk/free-resources/retro-arcade-sounds/

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