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The Cork Institute of Technology, in partnership with SEGAN network, will host the 4th Irish Symposium on Game-Based-Learning (iGBL) as a one-day event hosted in the Cork Institute of Technology on Friday 6th June 2014.

The iGBL conference is an international conference designed to share insight and experience with regard to the educational potential of games. The conference has always aimed to be as inclusive as possible, bringing together teachers, students, industry and researchers who share a common interest in using games for learning. The conference offers opportunities to present, discuss and network with other like-minded practitioners, as well as providing a great opportunity for those new to the area to learn more about the different development approaches and educational applications of games. The theme for iGBL2014 maintains the strands of interest that were established in previous conferences while focusing on the core theme of “The growth of GBL”.

As the education landscape continues to change in the post-MOOC world, new forms of learning such as game-based learning and gamification have come to the fore, representing new ways of motivating, engaging and challenging students.

The IGBL 2014 sessions will be divided into two themes:


Pedagogy, Educational and Social issues

  • Pedagogical/learning theories for game based learning
  • Evaluation of game-based learning
  • Assessment in game-based learning
  • Integrating game based learning with the curriculum
  • Use of narrative/role-playing in game-based learning
  • Gamification
  • Serious games
  • Social and collaborative aspects of game-based learning
  • Organisational issues when implementing games within educational settings
  • Gender/age/cultural issues

Technology and Game Development

  • Designing games for learning
  • Technologies, tools and platforms for developing games for learning
  • Technologies for mobile and multi-user games for learning
  • Location-based technology for game-based learning
  • Market data, trends and behaviours.
  • Prototyping and/or playtesting
  • Best practices in game development
  • Research Projects/ Case Studies
  • Alternative controls/ interfaces for games


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