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SEGAN sponsors a special track on Serious Games at Interaccion 2014, for more details check the call for papers.

Interaction 2014 is an international conference with the aim of promoting and spreading the recent advances in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), both academic and industry level. This conference is a meeting point for international research groups, as well as a connection between University and Industry in areas related to HCI.

In addition, the conference also aims to increase awareness about the AIPO (Asociación Interacción Persona-Ordenador) and Human-Computer Interaction at all levels including those academic disciplines that might be interested (sociology, audiovisual communication, business administration, fine arts, cognitive psychology, etc.).

Interaccion 2014 is the 15th edition of the International Conference promoted by the AIPO association, whose main objective is to promote and disseminate the recent advances in HumanComputer Interaction. This conference will provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas on design and application of techniques and methodologies with a multidisciplinary approach which should lead to synergies among researchers, industry and anyone interested in the field.

This edition will be organized by the Department of Engineering on Systems and Automation in University of La Laguna with the support of the Department of Systems of the University of Cauca and the Faculty of Computing and Information Technology at the King Abdulaziz University.


Topics of interest:

  • Accessibility
  • Accessibility Evaluation
  • Adaptability
  • Adaptive Interfaces
  • Ambient Intelligence
  • Attention to Diversity and HCI
  • Brain-Computer Interface
  • Business Experiences
  • Collaborative Learning and HCI
  • Collaborative systems in HCI
  • Context-aware systems
  • Contextual Evaluation
  • Cultural Aspects in the Design
  • Digital Libraries and e-Books
  • Domotics and Inmotics
  • E-Commerce and Interaction
  • E-Government
  • Ergonomics
  • Evaluation of Interactive Systems
  • Evaluation of Users with disabilities
  • Evaluation tools
  • Fine Arts and Interaction
  • Game-Based Learning and HCI
  • HCI for Improving the Teaching-Learning Process
  • Health and HCI
  • Human Factors and Cognitive Studies
  • Human Factors
  • Human-Computer-Human Interaction
  • Human-Machine Interaction
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Hypermedia and Web
  • Input devices
  • Information visualization
  • Intelligent Interfaces
  • Interaction Devices
  • Interaction for People with Disability
  • Interaction, Learning and Teaching
  • Interactive and Multi-Modal Systems
  • Interactive TV
  • Interface Design Tools
  • Methodologies for Studying Interactions
  • Model-Based Interface Development
  • Multimedia
  • Multimodal Interfaces
  • Natural Language Interfaces
  • New Methods and Methodologies for Interface Design and Interaction
  • New Methods and Methodologies for Evaluation
  • New Tools and Techniques for Interaction
  • Output devices
  • Semantic Web
  • Touch interfaces, mobiles and education.
  • Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing
  • Ubiquitous learning and HCI
  • Usability
  • Use Cases (Evaluation).
  • User Experience Evaluation
  • User Interfaces Development Tools
  • User Modeling
  • Videogames and HCI for Entertainment
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality


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