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Serious Play Conference 2013

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At Serious Play Conference, heads of workforce development programs in corporations, healthcare or the government can get a good understanding of how serious games can be successfully applied to professional and executive leadership, skill development and required training programs. Healthcare and insurance providers will see how games can improve personal healthcare and impact patients in a full range of disciplines.

For educators, it’s a place to learn what kind of games and sims work best at the pre-school, K-12 and higher education levels and how to integrate them into a program. Managers from non profits, museums and activist groups can find out how games can be used to get across their messages to consumers.

At SPC, attendees can rub shoulders with and talk one-on-one with the experts, hear about the latest measurement and assessment strategies and see how game mechanics are moving across the various serious games sectors, revolutionizing how training and education is done in all types of companies and organizations, in every industry. If you are an industrial designer, you will learn what it takes to make a game that will produce measurable results and long lasting learning. Faculty at institutions teaching serious games, will take away practical ideas to make their curriculum stronger.

Whether you are in education, human resources, corporate training, health care, military or government, or manage the education program at a museum, attending the Serious Play Conference will you the oversight to introduce, manage or upgrade your serious game program.


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