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SGSC2013, Serious Games & Social Connect conference

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The second edition of the Serious Games & Social Connect conference will take place from 26 – 28 August 2013 at the Singapore Management University (Admin Building).  Jointly organised by the Asian Federation for Serious Games and the Serious Games Association, the conference is an international networking and sharing platform for games/app developers, educators,  healthcare and wellness providers, organisations, government agencies and individuals employing game mechanics in their workplace and daily lives.

We learn best when we play. In recent years, several enterprises have realised the potential of using games to introduce concepts and ideas about their services and products using games and the social media platform. This was aided by the proliferation of mobile devices. As such, games are no longer ‘child’s play’. Working adults and seniors are beginning to play more games.

At the same time, academic research in gaming technologies has recently witnessed a plateau in improving rendering, texture mapping, physics and artificial intelligence.  There has also been a change in game design where the focus is now on the users – user experiences, effective game story-boarding, human-computer interaction and optimal experience design. Are there still areas which game technologies require more research?

With recent trends towards games for re-learning and consumer education in industries such as banking, governments, and healthcare, there are a lot of potential to be discussed and opportunities to be explored. On the other hand, there are issues such as game addiction and claims on games causing violent behavior in teens. This year’s conference promises to bring more in-depth discussion and exploration on subconscious learning via games and social media.  We are lining up a series of related events as a lead-up to the event in August.  Do visit this website regularly for updates.  We look forward to engaging you at SGSC 2013!


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