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The ToyVision toolkit for tangible games

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The GIGA Affective Lab of the University of Zaragoza organizes this  tutorial at the next 10th International Conference on Advances in Entertainment Technology (ACE'13) to be hold in the University of Twente (The Netherlands).

The creation of a Tangible tabletop game usually implies to “hardcode” complex algorithms to process raw data from tabletop in order to detect and track each playing piece manipulated on the active surface.

This tutorial addresses this issue by presenting ToyVision, a software toolkit that lowers the threshold for prototyping both the bits and the atoms of tangible tabletop games.

Tutorial participants will create a Tangible board-game (a tangible version of Atari's Android videogame) by using ToyVision. Thanks to it, they will be able to develop a functional prototype without the intrinsic difficulties of managing electronic sensors, actuators and machine vision algorithms.

The goal of this tutorial is to give ACE attendants the opportunity of having a first contact on the new possibilities that the Tangible Interaction paradigm can bring to videogames.

More info:http://www.advancesincomputerentertainment.org/?page_id=241


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