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Welcome to Porto and to ISEP – Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto, hosts of the 7th European Conference on Game-Based Learning (ECGBL 2013).

Games have been shown to promote learning and the development of personal and social skills like socialization, teamwork, leadership, decision making and collaborative learning. Games have been successfully used in three distinct areas: training (professional and social context); formal education (classroom and school context), non-formal education (outside the school context). However, there is still a limited use of game-based learning. This has mainly to do with social concerns and stereotypes about the relation of games and education. But this limited use is also related to the lack of extended evidence of effective application. Throughout the years, ECGBL has been addressing this issue by providing a forum to exchange ideas and best practice among researchers and practitioners therefore contributing to a wider adoption of Game-Based Learning (GBL) in Europe.

ECGBL 2013 will be another opportunity for the presentation of research, theory, application, practice and validation in the field of Game-Based Learning. In addition, participants will be able to enjoy Porto, a World Heritage City, full of history and culture but with a modern lifestyle.

We look forward to seeing you in Porto for ECGBL 2013


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