Information about Serious Games in Horizon 2020

Two major lines related with Serious Games:

ICT 20 – 2015: Technologies for better human learning and teaching 

Specific Challenge: The development and integration of robust and fit-for-purpose digital
technologies for learning are crucial to boost the market for and innovation in educational
technologies. This requires an industry-led approach in close cooperation with academia to
defining the frameworks and interoperability requirements for the building blocks of a digital
ecosystem for learning (including informal learning) that develops and integrates tools and
systems that apply e.g. adaptive learning, augmented cognition technologies, affective
learning, microlearning, game-based learning and/or virtual environments/virtual worlds to
real-life learning situations. This challenge also encourages public procurement of innovative
solutions to address the needs of the digital learning ecosystem in making better use of
educational cloud solutions, mobile technology, learning analytics and big data, and to
facilitate the use, re-use and creation of learning material and new ways to educate and learn online.

ICT 21 – 2014: Advanced digital gaming/gamification technologies
Specific Challenge: Digital games and gamification mechanics applied in non-leisure contexts
is an important but scattered industry that can bring high pay-offs and lead to the emergence of a prospering market. Digital games can also make a real change in the life of a large number of targeted excluded groups, enhancing their better integration in society. This requires however the development of new methodologies and tools to produce, apply and use digital games and gamification techniques in non-leisure contexts, as well as building scientific evidence on their benefits - for governments, enterprises and individuals.


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