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The siLang project aims at building communication and language skills in vehicular languages for use in the world of work. The project views language as a work tool and aims to prepare professionals for the use of so called "vehicular languages", i.e. languages commonly understood and used by individuals who do not share a mother tongue, in work contexts. The project focuses on communication capacity and less on building skills on language structure.

A serious game is under development that engages the user with non-playing characters of rich cultural backgrounds and she executres common professional tasks, such as undertaking an interview for a new job, meeting new collegues, arranging a business trip, participating in a business meeting, participating in a professional, social dinner, etc. Non-playing characters introduce in their commonication so-called mother tongue "transfer effects", such as influences in pronunciation, common mistakes that are the result of language transfer, as well as information on typical practices in their country of origin.

More information is available at The game can be downloaded from the address The completed game will be available at this address by May 2014. Currently a working version is available including chapter 1 of 7 foreseen in the game scenario.

The project is funded with the support of KA2 Action of the Life Long Learning Programme and runs from 2012 to 2014 (530951-LLP-1-2012-1-GR-KA2-KA2MP).

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