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The Magic Potion (Μαγικό Φίλτρο)

The Magic Potion (Μαγικό Φίλτρο)
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The Magic Filter is an adventure game that targets children with light mental disabilities. It was developed by the Laboratory for New Technology in Communication, Education, and Media of the Demartment of Communication and Media of the University of Athens (Pr. Mihalis Meimaris and a group of 15 researchers in diverse fields). The Magic Filter is an autonomous game developed in Flash. The game involves several characters (it is not a single character game), all of which help each other to achieve the game objective of mixing a magic potion by collecting colors that are hidden into the game "world". The colors are "earned" as a result of successfully completing specific activities that help the learner build basic life and communication skills as well as basic arithmetic and writting/reading skills.


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