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In Destination Death, you play a young reporter on holiday and looking for his sister in an airport. You need to collect information from the characters you encounter in order to find her and finish the game. You gather information by giving the characters the correct answers and following directions, while also using some problem solving skills of your own. You make your way through the game by pointing to highlighted spots or areas on the map and clicking. An animation then starts which progresses the character to that point.

At the beginning of the game, you are offered a choice of country in which the game is set, Germany, France and Spain. After you have made your choice you must then select your skill level in that language, bad, good or great. In the game itself, you are shown your itinerary which contains things you will need for the game, such as a notebook, glossary, identification, photo of your sister and money. As you progress through the game, more items are added to this which will help you. You have a map of the airport which you can click on to be taken to that area and to show you where you are. If something in the picture is flashing red it can be clicked on, such as shops, people and rooms that you can interact with.

As the dialogue used is somewhat complex regardless of the skills level you choose, you are equipped with a notebook which contains a glossary of the words you have heard with English translations and you can get a pocket translator to translate entire conversations, however, this only has 5 minutes of battery power so it can only be used occasionally throughout the game. It uses an active learning process and is very useful as a revision tool. The player has to pay attention to the dialogue and do their best to understand as you are required to follow instructions in order to make progress. There are different levels or stages in the game, (separated into “episodes”) which utilise the methods used in teaching languages; developing both reading and aural skills. The fact that you can save the game after each episode suggests that it would be useful in taking a focused approach of learning the basic vocabulary in each section prior to playing the game and using the game as revision for that particular block of words. The game is also useful when revising for written or aural exams as both of these areas are used in the game. The game is also filled with a large selection of vocabulary, covering areas such as directions, descriptions and tenses.

From a technical side, the game was created in such a way that the multiple choice options presented to the player as answers are displayed in a random order which prevents the player from just choosing the correct answer based on where it appears on the list if they are repeating a section or the entire game, this makes it more effective for multiple plays of the game. The game is highly interactive but includes a number of brief cut scenes to allow the character to progress through the game. The screen is well laid out, interactive areas are highlighted and the content appears by scrolling or panning. A map is available to show where you are and also allows for jumping to specific rooms or areas to speed up the characters movement.

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