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GILT – Graphics Interaction & Learning Technologies

The research group of GILT is located in the College of Engineering (ISEP) of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto. It focuses on the analysis, design and development of scientific and technical knowledge in the fields of Virtual Reality, Multimedia, Interaction, and Learning-Technologies.

GILT seeks to establish the basis for a systematic work on research and development and to promote the group’s mission, linking it with post-graduate activities, especially at Masters and PhD and through joint initiatives with other institutions, public or private, national or international.

The genesis of the group is, on the one hand the work of researchers from ISEP in Learning-Technologies, and on the other hand, the previous scientific experience in the group of Computer Graphics and CAD of INESC-Porto.

The activities of this research group are divided into the following areas:

  • Virtual Reality and Interaction (Lead by João Miguel Leitão): This line aims to promote research and development of image synthesis and real time interaction;
  • Multimedia and Communications (Lead by Jorge Mamede): This line is concerned with Research and Development on Communication Systems and Multimedia;
  • Multimedia and Medicine (Lead by António Castro e Ricardo Almeida): This line develops research on the use of multimedia in medicine and health in general;
  • Learning Technologies (Lead by Paula Escudeiro): This line aims to further research and development around the integration of technology in teaching / learning.


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