Preschool Teachers' Play Experiences Then and Now

This article is about the importance of play in children´s development. It explores how a group of pre-school teachers perceive children's play and remember their own play as children. This is a key issue in the acceptance by teachers of the idea of play as legitimate. The authors identified two kinds of views of play - the idealized and the pragmatic. The former was found to be more common than the latter, and two different themes from childhood stand out as significant in the comparison of play in the past to the role of play today: time for play and the effect of media on play. The article might be seen as better under the research section, but the idea of reflection on play seems to fit with the stories section too.

Sandberg, A. and Samuelsson, I.P, (2007) Preschool Teachers' Play Experiences Then and Now Early Childhood Research and Practice 5(1)


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