Do you think we could ever be seeing this in the future: a serious game joining characteristics from both massive open online courses (MOOC) and massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)?

Can a learning experience thrive in an completed open-ended context?

Is this already hapenning in virtual worlds such as as Second Life?

  • Yes, I think so. I can see them working together benifiting from the large number of participants. 

    Learning is lifelong and ubiquitous. As virtuality (e.g. being online) becomes part of the modern life, some of our learning will take place in the new domains. I was thinging of Second Life too, people do lectures and meetings on Second Life.  There were PhDs on virtual environments such as Second Life to support learning...I think some ofthe experience will be transferable. 


  • I am part of a research group that meets in SL. We learn, in a fairly unstructured self-directed  cMOOC kind of way. I heard some of the cMOOCs had groups that were using SL or Open Sim spaces to meet up. So there are pointers, though of course there are big differences between VWs and MMORPGS. Open-ended learning takes place all the time. The challenge is designing the open-ended serious game , since the "seriousness" of the game implies clear fixed objectives and design:)

    I can definitely imagine a learning experience that takes MASSIVE, ONLINE, OPEN elements and combines them with ROLE-PLAYING in a game-like context. The logical place to do it would be in Virtual Worlds which are usually differentiated from games due to their very lack of rules and objectives. Like cMOOCS, virtual worlds are what you make of them. This would be the value of this MOOG. It would have to work by creating environments that give freedom to explore (think of ICO or MYST) and evolve in a role (WoW). Rather than creating stories as most games do, it would be a question of creating spaces, or contexts.

    I would be very interested in exploring this if anyone is interested.

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