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Every year severe flood events cause fatalities and enormous economic damage increase. The trend will rise as floods and storms are expected to become more frequent and severe in the future (European Commission and UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction, 2009).

As a consequence, the revision and adaption of flood management strategies became an important issue. The Flood Framework Directive of the European Union engages the member states to develop flood risk management plans by december 2015.

Initial surveys and studies were undertaken to understand what the current skills and resource levels are to deliver the requirements of the Flood Risk Management (, July 2010). The outputs of this work are recommended to be used in the development of skills and capacity building of stakeholders involved in flood risk management.

Project SeCom contributes to these three recommendations, which are:

  • Developing knowledge and skills for existing staff involved in flood risk management.
  • Building capacity through provision of educational courses for the next generation of engineers (university civil engineering undergraduates).
  • Providing information and tools primarily to support authorities and other stakeholders to collaborate and develop together in collaborative environment new know-how.

The main aim of this project is to build the capacity in flood risk management for water professionals and undergraduades through identifying synergies, sharing knowledge, and strengthening partnerships between universities and stakeholders.

The Serious Game component enables simulating different scenarios for a flooding river surrounded by a city with all its infrastructure and houses. The river receives different discharges that leads to flooding. The players operate as decision makers of the involved organisations in flood risk management. They play the role of water engineers, river technicians, city officials, emergency personal, etc. Inside their roles they react to a flood event by planing and coordinating protection measures, considering economical, social, technical and environmental aspects.


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