Transactions on Edutainment

This journal aims to provide a highly visible dissemination channel for remarkable work that in one way or another addresses research and development on issues related to the field of Edutainment.

Edutainment, also known als educational entertainment or entertainment-education, denotes all forms of software designed to educate as well as to provide fun. This approach is motivated by the increasing demands on individuals for life-long learning and the need to integrate effective learning opportunites throughout life. As such, Edutainment has attracted increasing interest in the last years.

The Transactions on Edutainment will publish original, peer-reviewed research articles and will serve as a forum for stimulating and disseminating innovative research ideas, theories, emerging technologies, empirical investigations, state-of-the-art methods, and tools in all different genres of Edutainment, such as game-based learning and serious games, interactive storytelling, virtual learning environments, VR-based education, and related fields.

It will cover aspects from educational and game theories, human-computer interaction, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, and systems design.
Theoretical, technical and empirical articles as well as survey papers and case studies are all appropriate to the journal.


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