Aims & Objectives

The main objective of the SEGAN network is to create a stable (but expanding) consortium to exchange ideas and experiences related to Serious Games. This network will be supported by virtual tools and face to face events, in order to increase the visibility and awareness of the benefits and impacts of Serious Games for learning, and contribute to its uptake and efficient use.

Concrete and specific objectives are:

  • The creation of an online social portal that establishes and supports the Community of Practice on Serious Games. The Community is organized in Special Interest Groups that produce annual reports on the design, development, delivery and evaluation of Serious Games and their use in specific contexts;
  • The development of a repository with products and projects related to Serious Games;
  • The production of reference documents concerning the design, development and evaluation of Serious Games;
  • The setting up of small-scale, local events on the design and development of Serious Games;
  • The setting up of a series of periodic (annual) European conference and Summer School;
  • The preparation of an academic programme on Serious Games and a set of training modules derived from that programme;
  • Finally, create a European association that, through fees, ensures the continuation and expanding of the network after the project is finished.