Serious Gaming

The research group Serious Gaming of the NHL University of Applied Sciences bridges socially relevant and serious objectives into concrete artifacts of the creative and gaming industry. The SeGa research is oriented to a practical yet systematic method of exploring elements of game technology and game play, which combined with a decomposition of the serious objective yields a concept for a serious game.

Serious games implement measurable targets through motivated and inspired play. The field of serious games is very wide. The SeGa at NHL concentrates on situational games: games that are played at a location in interaction with that location. Situational games can have many formats but share a focus on mediated reality, storytelling, and moderation.

The group deploys an experimental methodology of research, which implie the creation of concrete artifacts that are assessed in practical situations. Experience is an important communication vehicle among the many disciplines that are involved in the development of a serious game and its subsequent deployment.


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