PEJARI: Games Applied to Rehabilitation

Research Topics

There are several approaches in the area of rehabilitation that invoke technology for a more comprehensive and dynamic learning process aimed at the physical and psychological recovery of a disabled or limitations person, with a view to their reintegration and possible recovery. The existence of collaborative tools used to support the rehabilitation by using communication and cooperation between patients, family and therapists on knowledge sharing and collaborative knowledge building has been the subject of studies.

The research topic arises from the concern to understand and adapt the use of technologies for rehabilitation, and so the present work proposal to in the conception of a technological platform in order to adapt a set of resources and technological tools for the process of rehabilitation of patients, in the sense of how users will use the system, join in a single space through the contribution of patients, therapists and other elements in the health field as well as those who wish to contribute to a sharing of knowledge. To support the research we intend to analyse and work with a specific rehabilitation, elderly, promoting several different resources. Contribution to memory recovery, motion, information about the evolution of the process steps, among others, however the platform and resources not limited to this public may be so understood to be used by everyone.

The research involves understanding the different processes of rehabilitation and efficiency rates. It proposes to a new platform within the rehabilitation programs that have not received the attention of current researches, and aims to relate the patient rehabilitation process with existing technological means and to investigate how this relationship can contribute to a more effective solution in the rehabilitation process. There are a number of concerns especially the motivational level of the patient, the greater communication throughout the process between health professionals and patients in understanding the evolution of the process. These and other contributions using the new media to create added value.


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