ShiVa3d is a game engine able to publish for all the major platforms, including mobile devices. It is a paid-for proprietary software but a free version is available which includes all the features from the full package but for web-publishing only.

Some of the engine major features are:

  • Support for industry standard plug-ins;
  • Native C++ compilation;
  • Mesh modification API;
  • Device input simulator;
  • Device application loader;
  • Integrated development environment for visual edition;
  • Built-in Terrain, Ocean and animation editor;
  • Material, Particle, Trail and HUD Live Preview while editing;
  • Full lightmap control (UV2, import, export, built-in compiler);
  • Assets import using the Collada exchange format, compatible with XSI, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D, and 3dsmax;
  • Built-in support for the ODE physics engine;
  • Game scripting using Lua programming language;
  • Built-in XML API;
  • ShiVa Server to create MMOs.


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